I'm a creative who works in Contemporary Fine Art Photography.  My creations are imaginative imagery, sometimes with darker viewpoints.

My work directly responds to my surrounding environment and uses everyday experiences as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context.  I also find inspiration from simply watching a movie or listening to music. 

My creations typically happen one of two ways.  I think of a story for my images and a color theme.  Once this is done, I photograph each element and composite for the final piece. Other times I play with certain photo and illustration components until I like the final outcome.  Pieces with people depicted have been personally restored from either a special Romanian collection from the early 1900's or from original Tintypes photos from the 1800s that I have purchased and restored.


All prints are Archival Pigment Prints.


Artist Quote: "Gunship," said it best- "Don't care what anyone else thinks.  Keep on keeping on.  Expect nothing and appreciate everything.  Believe in yourself and create your own destiny. Most importantly; fear regret, never a failure. Everything worth doing is hard