I'm an artist who works in contemporary fine art photography and illustration, specializing in surrealism and whimsical art.  My creations are imaginative imagery, sometimes with darker viewpoints that directly respond to my surrounding environment.  I use everyday experiences as a starting point. Often these are framed instances that would go unnoticed in their original context. A lot of my work features birds, butterflies, clocks, and keys, but, my work is most recognized for my artistic take on Crows and Ravens, which have been my favorite creature to photograph. 


I have been creating photographic composites since 2010.  My creations are formed by photographing most of the elements and then compositing each image in a layering fashion,  until I'm happy with the final piece.  I also restore and digitally color old photographs from the late-1800's and -early 1900's and combine them with my own photography to create something completely different.  Most of the vintage images I included in my own work are tintype photos that I have purchased and scanned.  I love this part of my creations, as it is a way to include, preserve and recreate forgotten imagery.


All prints are Archival Pigment Prints that I print myself, lasting 120+ years with proper care.  Canvas pieces are sent out to a professional printing company will last for 200+ years with proper care.  


Artist Quote "Creating my artwork is the best way to forget time and escape the madness that is the world today."